Referral for Counseling

We have partnered with a referral Christian counselor who can connect you if you need help. See Randy’s bio below.

RMcLaren Photo

Randy McLaren

BBT Referral Counselor Randy recently graduated from Covenant Theological Seminary and has started a counseling practice in St. Peters, MO. He is qualified in dealing with anger (understanding its roots and managing it), depression, addictive behavior, marital issues (misunderstandings and conflict, “empty nest” issues, building and rebuilding intimacy and trust, emotional and physical affairs), career decision-making, and grief and loss. Randy also provides qualified referrals to other counselors in different geographical areas or in other areas of need. Randy and his wife Melody have been married 32 years. They are active members of Calvary Church in St. Peters. They have three adult children and two grandchildren. To find out more about counseling, visit Randy’s website!