How BBT Coaching Works

time for coaching on blackboard

As soon as you tell us you are ready to get started, we’ll have a coach contact you (via email). We will introduce you to the coach and explain the next steps.

Once you are up and running, your coach will follow-up with you as you need it to check in and to answer any questions. During these follow-up conversations, you can always ask for guidance, prayers, and encouragement.

The Lord has called BBT to provide coaching that helps Group Leaders grow spiritually.

We realize that everyone is in a different place. Some of you already have Christian mentors or someone who holds you personally accountable … so you don’t need quite as much support from us. But for those of you who want and need the extra support, we are here for you!

A BBT Coach can help you determine where you are on the BBT Leadership FlywheelTM, and then we can equip and encourage you along the way. Read more about our vision: Leadership for Life!