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Sponsor a BBT on #GivingTuesday 11/29

Join the #GivingTuesday movement and keep BBT free!

Why BBT is Free?

BBT is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit ministry that supports small-group Bible study leaders by providing curriculum, coaching, and connectivity. BBT does not charge a fee for these resources and relies solely on voluntary contributions.

Simply put, BBT is free, and donations keep it that way!

Sponsor a Bible Study Group

In the spirit of #GivingTuesday, please consider donating. Whether you already give as a BBT group leader or participant or are not yet involved in BBT, we encourage all who find value and blessings in BBT’s mission and vision to help cover the costs of existing and growing ministry groups all over the world.

If you are looking for a guideline on suggested giving, the following levels outline what your donation provides:
>> Partner or Participants: $15 per month covers basic costs of curriculum
>> Leadership or Group Leaders: $30 per month provides BBT Leadership Coaching
>> Kingdom or Sponsor a BBT Group: $45 per month will expand BBT’s global reach

Ways to Give

There are many convenient ways to support BBT:
>> Online with a credit or debit card: Make a secure, online donation
>> Automatic bank payments: Set-up a recurring payment through your bank account
>> Mail: Send check donations
>> Tribute Gift: Donation is in honor or in memory of someone special
>> Securities: Stock and other marketable securities donations, as well as estate planning

DONATE to BBT -- Giving Tuesday

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Advent Blog Image

Are you prepared for Jesus?

Often Christmas time adds a whole new set of stresses and commitments to our normal everyday ones. But, this year, as you begin the hustle and bustle, think of preparing the way God did before He sent Jesus.

What if your Christmas To-Do List was simply:
>> Experience Holy Wonder
>> Believe
>> Obey
>> Tell Others the Good News

God wants to bless you in ways that will blow your mind. Will you be ready when He comes along and challenges you to a new level of faith? It can happen when you least expect it. Just look at what happened to Zechariah and Elizabeth. Wait… who? It’s Christmas, what about Joseph and Mary?

BBT (Biblical Business Training) offers a fresh approach to studying God’s Word not only to be prepared for Christmas but to help you learn how it applies to what you do every day – work.

Maybe God’s been filling you with longings and desires that cannot find their fulfillment in the “things” of Christmas. Maybe He is exposing your heart, and you are beginning to see a need for someone beyond yourself.

The good news is that Jesus Christ is A Savior for All People! Introducing BBT’s 4-part Christmas Bible study that will help you prepare your hearts for what He has prepared for you.

DOWNLOAD -- Advent Curriculum

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Thanksliving Image-Blog

How can you move from Thanksgiving into Thanksliving?

As Christians, we should live in a constant state of giving thanks.

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, most Americans are reminded of what they are thankful for – family, work, health, blessings from God, etc. But why do we only reflect on it during this holiday? Shouldn’t we be thankful every day for the gifts of our life? The gift of God’s grace and mercy freely given to those who believe are reason enough to be thankful each and every day.

In Psalm 138, David expresses his thanks for God’s: faithfulness, unfailing love, promises, preservation of life, and purpose for us. Is it enough to just give thanks or do we often take Him for granted? How can we make the shift from Thanksgiving into Thanksliving?

What is Thanksliving?

Thanksliving is the daily act of showing gratitude to and for the Lord for all that He has done. As Dr. Jeff Schreve, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Texarkana, Texas says in his Crosswalk.com article entitled “The Joy of Thanks-Living – Thanksgiving Devotional”, “Thanks-living opens the door for God to work.”

Serving others is a great start to Thanksliving. Sharing what you have been given will show thanks to the Lord for His blessing on your life and help others see God’s Kingdom in your sacrifice. You may be the only God someone sees today… or ever.

I have a challenge for you – live a life of Thanksliving for 365 days (and beyond). How will you move from Thanksgiving into Thanksliving?

DOWNLOAD -- Giving Thanks-Start Thanksliving

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