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To see people grow in their relationship with Christ, and expand God’s kingdom through their leadership

The BBT vision is to see people grow in their relationship with Christ, and expand God’s kingdom through their leadership. As group leaders grow spiritually, they begin to live out their faith while leaving a legacy by developing and growing other leaders for Christ.

Leadership for Life

Leadership for Life is Biblical leadership development—which is important to help Christian leaders grow and reach personal goals—all with a Biblical perspective. Christ-centered leadership development can help leaders lean on the power of the Holy Spirit and help them take the lead in every area of life—at home, at work, and everything in-between.

Leadership Flywheel™

BBT Leadership Coaches encourage Leadership for Life—called the Leadership Flywheel™. The Leadership Flywheel™ is a term we use in BBT to describe a group leader’s spiritual growth in four different principles:

An example of how the Leadership Flywheel™ develops leaders through BBT:
BBT Is Helping Me Live Out My Faith In Today’s World … “BBT is a special time for me! I love meeting with others first thing in the morning before the day has its start. We study the Bible to learn how God wants us to act and react to the daily happenings of life. BBT provides a clear and practical way of understanding what God wants from me and how to live out my faith in today’s world. Reading the Bible is one thing, but learning how it applies to my everyday life is another. The honest, open sharing among the group is very uplifting, and the wealth of knowledge that comes from other people encourages me and inspires me to continue on. God’s Word says we are not to live life alone – He designed us for relationship. I have grown personally and dramatically from my time [in BBT].” – Bob, St. Louis, MO

How are you growing in your relationship with Christ while developing as a leader? Are you expanding God’s kingdom through developing other leaders? Discover more about the Leadership Flywheel™ and where your faith is on the flywheel.

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