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Thanksliving >> John, a member of a St. Louis-based BBT (Biblical Business Training), has a son Colin who was diagnosed with ACC, Chromosome deletion, ADHD, and placed on the Autism Spectrum. He is non-verbal and struggles with social skills, anxiety, and has to be monitored 24/7 to keep him from hurting himself or others. The BBT group prayed together when they heard this news and put Thanksliving into action. They aligned resources for the family, started providing respite care to relieve Colin’s parents, and began fundraising for a service dog. This group came together as a community beyond simply studying the Bible together and praying together. They wanted to serve a grateful Christian in his family’s time of need.

John, Colin, and BBT Group
St. Louis

"Not many thoroughly enjoy writing goals for work but it’s important. As the saying goes if you aim at nothing you’ll hit it every time. What’s worse as many will put more time into their work goals than their life goals. I know I periodically need to purposely pause, reflect, and measure where I’m headed and where I want to go. Thanks Brian for leading this much needed exercise."

Bryan Thomas
Project Legacy Participant

The Portal is so good! Thank you very much for sharing it. It is very friendly and easy to use.

Costa Rica

The portal is awesome! Spending even less time on the communication bits and making it super easy, love it.

Group Leader, Kansas

I’m thirsty for His Word and his leadership. I pray for Him to walk with me in each day and keep me from myself. As a controlling, “type A,” high-strung, and broken human, I NEED my God … especially in the workplace. I never knew where to find that leadership outside of my church, until I came across BBT through my current employer, and after years of prayer God lead me to Brickman [my current job], and ultimately to YOU.

I never knew why He put me here until I met my BBT group. As a former student at Lindenwood University (2006) (where I didn’t even believe in God), I now sit as a believer since 2010, in the new building, and share HIS Word with teachers and scholars, week after week on Tuesday at Noon … learning and drinking in His knowledge. God is so good making things come full-circle. It has saved me in more than one way, as the “I-know-how-to-do-it-better” person no longer exists, the “listen-to-me-because-I-can-talk-louder-than-you” person now walks in silence listening and uncovering the real needs of those around me. I have learned humility, to swallow my pride, and to be slow to speak and quick to listen. I have learned how to lift those up around me instead of leaving them in a pile of dust. I have learned that my tongue is the most powerful gift and that I have to use words dripping in God’s justice, grace and love. [BBT] has grown my life as a leader, allowing me to use real-time life examples, and to get feedback from a group of trusted professionals who keep God at the center of everything they do. It has opened my eyes to the light and love that Jesus offers us … even in our daily work life. He created it all (including work) and IT IS GOOD, it is good indeed.

Thank you for BBT and the opportunity to experience the Leadership, but most importantly to feed my thirst for God and His way in my professional life.

Andrea Woolsey
Participant, Lindenwood University BBT

"It is an honor and a privilege to get together with other working women and study God's Word in light of our work. I look forward to BBT every week."

- Lisa

"Thank you, BBT! My Tuesday lunch BBT Group has been a wonderful support system."

- Natalie

"I especially enjoyed studying about delegation. A successful manager must be a master delegator. Thank you, BBT, I am loving this!"

- Bill

"For me, BBT has been a great experience ... I've never had the opportunity to know the Word of God in a manner that is so close and so alive - and much less, with topics that are related to work ... I've realized that the Bible is in reality, a manual for life."

- Lianna

"I like the simplicity of your curriculum. People are so busy. You have taken the 'pain' out of leading a Bible study."

- Steve

"The BBT series has been edifying for all of us. No question that we are better managers because of Christ's leadership. In that regard, we all would agree that BBT has been one of the most profound experiences."

- Chris F.

"BBT has the ability to create ripples ... If we run our business with a Christ-centered approach, it benefits everyone in its wake ... our families, our team members, our clients, our brands."

- Sean

"BBT primes me to really examine my daily actions at work -- from the small to the large -- to test whether I am reflecting Christ or something else in this important mission field. I'm reminded continuously as each week unfolds how important it is to love God and love people in my workplace. BBT gives me a "band of brothers" with a common background and language to grow spiritually with. Every man needs Godly counselors; I find many of mine every Thursday morning. I know at any time I can have a dozen men praying on behalf of me and my family. Finally, BBT helps me examine whether God is at the center of my whole life. We had an exercise earlier this year to write our own mission statement. Through that and through the weekly study, BBT puts light on my path. The direction I'm supposed to be going is clear. That has been the most value of all!

- Brian

"Our family spends a lot of time at the Lake during the summer. I noticed our compass was broken this spring. Now, some say that you really don’t need a compass (after all, it is a lake and you can always see the shore), but I replaced it ... I use that compass to stay grounded – literally. I often use the compass to check my anchor, if we are anchored properly, my compass shows that we are still "on mark." If it doesn't point to the "mark," we are drifting and I need to re-anchor. I want to remain anchored in Christ. BBT is my compass, a place for me to routinely check my "mark" and re-anchor when I see myself drifting. Thanks again to BBT for pointing all things back to Christ."

- Chris S.

"I just wanted to take a quick moment and thank you all for BBT. The topic and our discussion applied to so many different areas in my life right now, and I am incredibly thankful for this group and the opportunity to share God's word with one another."


"BBT has not only allowed me to fellowship with others, but has encouraged me to dig deeper and learn more on a deep personal level. I love the heartfelt accountability that is shown from the group as we continue on the highway of God's journey. The curriculum is spot on for both business, home and personal application. On the rare occasion that I miss a meeting, I truly feel a void. It is also fun preparing for our weekly meetings and this quiet time has proven to richly bless me and my walk. I can not thank you and all who are involved with BBT for serving our God enough."

- Bryan

More BBT Testimonies …

“BBT has been a huge blessing in my life. It has [helped me] build lasting relationships with others. It has taught me wonderful leadership principles.”

“BBT has allowed me … to fellowship with like-minded believers consistently, as well as share my beliefs in God, and to witness supernaational change in the work place!”

“BBT has become an important part of my week. I look forward to each session and go out of my way to make sure I attend every session possible. Since becoming part of BBT, I have read more scripture than in many years prior.”

“I’ve lead/attended BBT’s for over 2 years now, and I have found that the strength of the friendships developed, and the depth of the fellowship experienced have spurred me to a closer walk with Christ.”

“BBT has helped me and my group with their walk with Christ, and it has changed my life.”

“I always had solid biblical fellowship in college. There were men that would walk alongside me encouraging me to grow in Christ and give life everything I had to His glory. Coming out of college, there was a real challenge in obtaining biblical fellowship and community in the workplace. BBT plugged that gap 6 years ago and I don’t know what I would’ve done without it!!!”

“We have an awesome BBT! The intimate sharing and accountability that we have makes each of us stronger. We look forward to our gatherings.”

“BBT is a good grounding point in my week. I enjoy the diverse perspectives from the others in our small group, since we come from varied religious backgrounds. Most encouraging is that Christ is our foundation, and we’re all willing to build and grow from there.”

“[BBT has] been very helpful in learning how to apply my faith across my life rather than compartmentalizing.”

“I love BBT! It truly helps me keep work, and the stress at work in perspective.”

“I can really feel God working in my life as I attempt to live out the discussions we have every week. I am working in an environment that lacks leadership and seems unchurched. With this training you have equipped me to have a positive influence within that environment. For the first time in my career I feel like I have the power to change things. Looking forward to next week.”

“BBT is a great forum to connect businesspeople through the teaching of Biblical business principles. It is a way for people to share life together. BBT gives me a better understanding of how God wants to use me in the business world, and in my company. BBT has revealed opportunities in my daily work where I can be more intentional in being a Godly leader.”

“My BBT experience was probably like many, I was expecting a group of guys sitting around discussing what “matters,” (which is true) … but the difference for me was in the curriculum, the guided agendas and the follow-up. BBT held me accountable – when I read the recap, I knew what I needed to do in the workplace that week.”

“The email I got from my dad was a forward from your follow-up BBT email that you send every Thursday afternoon. It was a simple email and it said “My Thursday morning BBT gatherings are so awesome.” We were together this week and he talked about it then too and how the last 10 months in BBT have been so incredible for him and he’s thoroughly enjoying it. I wanted you to hear this because you may not hear it very often. This Thursday morning BBT means just as much to me as it does to my dad. I am SO thankful that you are doing this in a way that is appealing to men, like my dad, in business. The Bible is completely relevant to us today and I love that you are opening his eyes to that truth!”

“BBT has given me perspective and provided a clear reminder that I’m to be a Christian ALWAYS (work notwithstanding). There are certain days when it is very hard to maintain, much less reflect Christ. BBT underscores for me that it is not only essential, but it’s God’s command to bring glory to Him….always (Colossians 3:23-24)! I have seen over and over again that there are men and women at work who want to be different, who want to have certainty beyond their jobs, but have little peace because they don’t know Christ. When I’m a reflection of Him, it does not go unnoticed by those who are seeking something more. The men I’ve had a chance to fellowship with in BBT have been fantastic … their perspectives, application, struggles, and hopes and dreams related to their faith in Christ have been inspirational and motivating to me.”