Training For Group Leaders

Welcome to BBT! This guide contains all of the written instructions for setting up your Portal, along with some practical tips for starting BBT. You may download this document and refer to the instructions at any time. You may choose to read this guide alone, or for faster set-up, we recommend that you also watch the 6 1/2 minute training video (below).

Click to download: WELCOME & START-UP GUIDE

Step-By-Step Video Tutorial

Video Title Length
Group Leader Portal Training (Complete Training Video) 6:31
Video Segments
GL Training Segment 1 (Registration & Confirmation)
GL Training Segment 2 (Invite Your Participants)
GL Training Segment 3 (Take Attendance & Schedule Next Meeting)

Group Leader Quick-Start Instruction Sheets

We have created the following instruction sheets to guide you through specific questions when setting up your Portal. As a group leader, you may give these sheets to participants when they have similar questions.

1. How do I change my password?

2. How do I update my email address or profile?

2. How do I preview a lesson? (Group Leader function only.)

Questions, or need help?


  • BBT Help Desk – Sarah Harre, 314-440-7564, M-F 8-11am or 1-3pm (Central)
  • BBT Coach – Brian Bredensteiner, 314-541-0858 or email

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