Training For Participants

The portal provides convenient access to curriculum and community. Participants can download the agenda directly from the site (on his/her own timeframe), and can interact with other group participants in the online forum – leaving prayer requests or updates as needed.


Participant Quick-Start Guide & Training Videos

Welcome to BBT! In about 5 minutes, this short video series will help you set up your portal, and give you a brief overview on how to use your portal. Click on a link below to get started.

Click to view a PDF of the Participant Quick-Start Guide.

Step-By-Step Video Tutorials

Video Title Length
Setting Up Your Portal 2:12
Using Your Portal 3:16

Questions, or need help?


  • BBT Help Desk – Sarah Harre, 314-440-7564, M-F 8-11am or 1-3pm (Central)
  • BBT Coach – Brian Bredensteiner, 314-541-0858 or email

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