The Greatest Driver of Small Group Growth & Health

Coaching Concept

When we talk about group leader coaching, we’re talking about someone who supports you as a group leader.

BBT Coaches can be used for help with everything from setting up your Portal and kicking off your first meeting … to encouraging you personally, as you grow spiritually. (Read more.)

According to Dr. Jim Egli (author of Small Groups, Big Impact), coaching – the mentoring and supporting of a group leader – is the greatest driver of small group growth and health, even more than training and prayer. Why? Because one of the best things you can do to ensure that your group is thriving and growing spiritually is to make sure that YOU are thriving and growing spiritually.

Our coaches are always here for you! As you use BBT resources, you determine what level of coaching you want and need. (Read more about how coaching works.) Questions? Email us at