First Responders

Faith@The Firehouse (F@F) and Christian Officer Principles (COP)

Being on the job takes up the majority of your life, and that is where you touch the lives of others. By the time you retire, you will have influenced (for better or worse) thousands of civilians and other first responders. But what will be your true impact?

Will your job define you? Or, will you and your principles define your job?

You can be more intentional and purposeful in how you interact with the public, your fellow first responders, and your family. Connect and grow with others who are interested in learning with you.

F@F and COP groups help you learn how to apply Biblical principles on the job –
to help you bridge the gap between “just working” and working with a purpose!

As a F@F or COPS group participant, you will learn how the Bible can help you make daily decisions on the job (and off). The groups are facilitated by and comprised of first responders who may be from different departments, and even different backgrounds. So, learning how others are applying Biblical principles, in every-day challenges, in their various roles and responsibilities are natural benefits to all participants.

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Faith@The Firehouse (F@F)
Christian Officer Principles (COP)