Thank you for your time, talent and treasure as harvest workers! Matthew 9:35-38

The Harvest is Plentiful!

Here's what people are saying...

"A way to connect with actual coworkers in work and spirit"

"It has opened up a new avenue. Opened up a world of possibility. See different ways to use the Bible in my work"

"We have been able to draw in people to this movement and it is making an impact"
"We are geographically dispersed but that has not deterred us in convening on a regular basis."

"A great way to start the day at work. Introduced fellowship at work"

"I have a larger perspective of who I am truly working for: Jesus!"

"God brought us together with a curriculum we can use, talk about God and feel confident in the workplace"

But the workers are few!

The workplace is a ripe harvest field, fraught with opportunity! You already know the language, you already belong there, and you're already equipped to be part of the movement happening in the largest mission field on the planet! 

Start a BBT group and become a worker for God's kingdom harvest. Grab a friend (Matt 18:20) and get started today! Also, don't miss a special episode of the Faith for Work Podcast where founder Brandon Mann shares riveting recollections of BBT’s humble beginnings.

Already part of a BBT group? 
Check out these other ways to support the harvest:



Invest in supporting more harvest workers! Your monthly gift helps people across the world learn and apply Biblical principles at work.



Share stories from your BBT experiences and help others better understand what it's like to be part of a global community applying faith to work.



Check out all the BBT Merchandise! It's an easy conversation starter to invite others to join you for BBT - 20% directly back to the mission.