How To

So you've said yes to what?

The resources below will walk you through what to do.

Prepare the Study

Prepare - Spend 1 Hour or Less Preparing
Review the Agenda and Group Leader Guide. Read the scriptures. Everything you need for the group meeting is in the curriculum.
Consider - Consider 2 Things: People & Setting
Think about the members of your group and the events in their lives or work. Consider their concerns in recent prayer requests.
Pick - Pick 3 Questions
Select 2-3 discussion questions that are most likely to spark discussion in the group given the people and setting.

Run the Meeting

Open - 1 Screen
Log into Go!Connect, your single point for leading lessons, coordinating your meetings, and communicating with your group.
Record - 2 Items: Attendance & Prayer Requests
Review the Agenda and Group Leader Guide on the home screen. Click “Attendance and Schedule Meeting" to record.
Recap - 3 Steps
Choose a leader for your next meeting, schedule your group’s next meeting, and send the recap.