August 2018 - 10 Years of Pursuing God's Vision

Why Start a Bible Study?

Executive Director Robert Millar speaks about what it means to be a Christian leader in the workplace. As leaders, we feel we need to keep the persona of having it all together and not being vulnerable. Taking the Word of God into the public view at work takes courage. If we accept that we are a work in progress, it makes the journey easier to share with those around us.

  • Leaders are imperfect and incomplete, a work in progress
  • God is not finished chiseling away at you
  • Step down from your pedestal and lead with/among others

Watch Robert's video...Is God calling you to start a Bible study?

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10 Years of Pursuing God's Vision

The BBT founder, Brandon Mann, recalls how God called him to start a Bible study at work 10 years ago. "When God gives you a vision…pursue it!" says Brandon. Even though he was an executive by title, he didn’t think he had what it took to lead a Bible study, especially at work.  Surrounding himself with other Christ-centered leaders and trusted advisors, helped him overcome the doubt and turn to God for guidance.

The first BBT Bible study was born in a corporate office, but the application of Biblical principles at work can be used in any industry or workplace setting.  The BBT 1-2-3™ Curriculum that empowers any leader to pick up the guide and lead a Bible study was created when that Bible study in that corporate office needed a new study and was unsure where to turn. The first group took turns leading the group to accommodate business schedules and develop other leaders for the group and in the workplace.

Has God given you a vision? Are you pursuing it?

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July 2018 - On Mission Pursuing Kingdom-Sized Goals


Being on Mission

Our new team has its first full year under our belt.  A year of building, believing, and being on mission. We are stepping out to join those who God has called to apply Biblical principles at work whether individuals, businesses, or churches. This year was about refreshing Biblical Business Training (BBT) in preparation for the multiplication of Kingdom leaders. Volumes of curriculum received a new look featuring new sections based on our Leadership Flywheel.  The website was refreshed with ease of navigation, dynamic imagery, and on mission messaging.  The Portal was rebranded to Go!Connect—go connect to curriculum, your group community, and coaching. Leadership coaching features a new coach with 10,000+ hours of ministerial experience. New relationships were established with churches in deploying their leaders outside the church walls and developing them in their workplace.

Is BBT a fit for your church?  Would you introduce our coaches to your pastor?


Kingdom Goals

While our mission is about empowering leaders in small-group Bible study, we believe God has given us a kingdom-sized vision for growth. To meet that kingdom-sized growth, we need to quadruple the number of leaders and partners. The great thing about kingdom-sized growth is that you can never do it in your own strength.  Kingdom goals require the King of kings to pursue them.  Colossians 3:23 reminds us that all we have to do is what we can and God will do the rest. We are pursuing the expansion of His Kingdom.  Matthew 6:33 tells us that everything else will be added to you. July is the first month of our ministry year.  Looking ahead to another year of pursuing the kingdom vision, BBT is helping more people apply Biblical principles at work.

What is your Kingdom goal?  Is it big enough?


God Pursues

As BBT approaches the 10th anniversary of the first BBT Bible study, the leadership team reflects on God's mission for the organization. God called us to grow His kingdom through small-group Bible study leaders. In order to do this, we need to continue our pursuit of His will, not by our own strength, but His. The founder and leadership team have a clear mission and ambitious goals to grow God's Kingdom through exponential growth of leaders for the Lord.

Are you pursuing in your own strength or His?

June 2018 - Transitions…to peace, to leadership, to God's mission for life

Photo by Alex Kalinin on Unsplash

Esther: Fulfilling Life's Mission

Have you ever wondered if God is really involved in the circumstances of your life? We all know what it feels like to be terrified to speak up for what we believe in or be at a cross-road of decision making. It may mean sacrificing our pride, our reputation and/or our creature comforts. But it may also mean playing a role in God’s mission. God will accomplish His plans, but if we listen and recognize, we can have the privilege of participating.

Learn how Esther teaches us to be part of God's agenda with:

  • Clarity & Courage
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Faithfulness

Are you participating in God's plan or just inviting Him into yours?


Partnership Strategy: Church Leadership Development

BBT not only equips individual leaders but also churches who seek to empower their lay leaders of small group Bible studies. BBT joins with churches to help them deploy lay leaders into workplace ministry. Their leaders execute the Leadership Flywheel™ returning to their church to engage more leaders to apply Biblical principles at work.

Highlights of the church partnership strategy:

  • Deployment and development of leaders into the workplace
  • Tools and resources for Bible study execution and leadership development
  • Three Church Partnerships

Would BBT benefit your church in deploying their leaders into the workplace? Connect with a Coach to discuss.

Photo by Dương Trí on Unsplash

How to Discover & Walk on a Pathway of Peace

Ben Weaver helps men lead lives of Adventurous Faith by creating balance in their everyday lives. He is a speaker, coach, podcaster, entrepreneur, and author of Relationships Are Everything. After 15 years in ministry, he would make a dramatic change in his life to pursue what he was missing in his life—peace.

Ben's passion is helping quarter-life men experience a major professional and/or spiritual transition. The journey to his new found peace lies in relationships and helping other men achieve more through their most important relationship—with God.

What are you doing to ensure your heart and mind are at peace?

May 2018 - Faith + Work = Peace

News 2018-05 Millennials

James: Faith that Works

Have you ever been tempted to lash out with harsh words, tempted to endure trials by your own strength, tempted to take matters into your own hands?  James helps us understand how temptation leads to sin and how we can instead overcome through:

  • Prayer
  • Godly wisdom
  • Faithful obedience

How will you respond to temptation today?


Peace from the Inside Out

Caren Libby is a participant in the Team Medici Bible study group. She says her participation in this group reinforces the power within that God has given us to find our peace and share it with others. It’s an opportunity to grow in our faith and radiate the light that starts inside. When we take responsibility for our spiritual lives, we can choose:

  • Joy over sadness
  • Serenity over suffering
  • Courage over fear

Would you consider participating in a BBT Bible study to reinforce your peace?

News 2018-05 McDaniel

Community at Work

When Bible study leader Mike McDaniel's group at Cisco decided they wanted to give back with a day of service together, he asked the group members what they were passionate about. One of the members, an Air Force veteran, told them about Fisher House. McDaniel says the experience of serving together has brought more energy to his group as well as a strong drive to continue helping others individually and as a group.

This is why BBT exists...because when Christians apply their faith at work they become a community of leaders and their impact knows no bounds.

How do you apply your faith in the community?

April 2018 - Peaceful Leadership: An oxymoron?

News 2018-04-30 Nehemiah

Learning with Nehemiah

The best book on parenting is the Bible.  The best book on leadership is the Bible.  Sitting with our peers and asking how the Bible applies to us today is one of the best ways to experience God's Word as both relevant and transformative.  In the Nehemiah volume, we find a person who faced an overwhelming task; felt inadequate to meet a challenge; and struggled with motivation, fatigue, and criticism.  Studying Nehemiah can help you learn practical approaches to tackle God’s difficult assignments.

  • 5-part study on how to serve through opposition
  • Discern your mission for God
  • Saturate yourself in Prayer

Where has God placed you in a leadership role?


News 2018-04-30 Coach

Leadership Coaching

While leadership is the last of our four promises, we believe the key elements to sustaining peace--for a person, a family, a community--is Christ-centered leadership. Our leadership coaches know leadership is not something you can learn or earn; it is a gift from God developed through relationships to expand His Kingdom. Through our Leadership Flywheel™, our coaches focus on three values of leadership:

  • Spiritual Leadership - Learning from God's Word
  • Servant Leadership - Living among God's People
  • Shared Leadership - Leading by God's Grace

Our coaches are committed to serving you as God grows your leadership--in your home, church, community, and work.

What is the legacy of your leadership for the Lord?

News 2018-04-30 Peace

Peace be with You

The Biblical Business Training team's commitment to one word for the year continues with Lori Drury's word—Peace!

Read how Lori discovered (confirmed) her one word of the year and how it challenges her to keep peace as a top priority on her "to-do list".  Peace can be found in many forms, but being focused on a Christ-centered life is the essential form.

Where will you find your peace?

March 2018 - Discern Your Mission

News 2018-03 Easter

Easter Victory

Are you living a joy-filled life reflective of your Victory in Jesus, standing firm in your faith, and working for Him with confidence? Because He is risen, we have a mission! The study will help you remember - the battle is already won!

  • Trust in Christ's crucifixion
  • Live in Christ's resurrection
  • Celebrate Christ's glorification

How does the Easter story help you do the work of the Lord?

News 2018-03 Medici

Co-Working Partnerships

Brett Kline merges his deep spiritual foundation with his passion for cooperative entrepreneurship in his pursuit to have a Bible study in the co-working community in St. Louis.

  • Who: 15 participants in the Medici Bible study
  • What: 5 new Bible studies by the end of 2018 - 2nd in progress
  • Where: B2B co-working ecosystems around St. Louis

Are you empowering others through your leadership?

News 2018-03 Prayer

Call for Prayer Warriors

We are overjoyed to introduce you to Kim Davidson. Kim is a current group leader and will lead our newly formed Prayer Team. She wants to share prayer time with the BBT community.

If you are a group leader or participant, you can join Kim and other prayer warriors as a new "group" in Go!Connect. Weekly prayer meetings will be held. The group will accept prayer requests and praise reports while they come together in Christ to raise them up to our Father.

Will you make time for God and join others in prayer?

February 2018 - The Equipping of a Leader

News 2018-02-28 GoConnect

What's in a name?

Our proprietary technology, once called The Portal, is now Go!Connect.

  • Connects you to God, your group, and your growth
  • Reinforces our mission of joining you to help you lead a group
  • Collaborates with the multimedia resources on the website

Who could you connect with on Go!Connect?

News 2018-02-28 Curriculum

Reflect on Application

The new look continues with the formatting of our curriculum.

  • Same focus on God's Word and applying it to your work
  • New layout to equip you to Learn, Live, and Lead
  • Expanded Recaps offer summary, application, and reflection

How are you applying what you are learning?

News 2018-02-28 Leader

The Dream of Leadership

At the heart of the Biblical Business Training mission is partnership.

We believe partnership begins with an individual leader.

Success for us is joining thousands of leaders like Brett Kline as they lead a Bible study in their workplace.

Are you empowering others through your leadership?

January 2018 - Growth, New Look, and One Word


1000+ Groups by 2022

The first Bible study started in 2008 in a corporate conference room in St, Louis. Our founder received a mandate from God to have 1000+ groups by 2022. The 2018 beginning count is 40.

Are you part of the growth?


Website Re-design

With a team full of God-given talents, we redesigned the website. We have brought our cornerstones to the forefront: Curriculum, Connectivity, Coaching, and Contribution.

What else would you like to see on the website?


New Blog Post

The first blog post of the new year features one word. As you read, you will discover that one word will be a theme for each of our team members in 2018.  One word can help you focus on God's Word daily.

What is your one word?

December 2017

Buildings with Cross Mobile

The Re-designed Website

The site features:

Leadership and Vision

Curriculum, Connectivity, Coaching, and Contribution

News, Blog, Kingdom Stories, and Tutorials


The Portal is now Go!Connect

With the re-design of the website, the Portal received a new name >> Go!Connect.  Users have the same access to curriculum, community, and coaching as before, but more connectivity will be added soon.


Meet our Team

From left to right:

Robert Millar - Executive Director & CEO

Lori Drury - Communications Director

Sarah Harre - Curriculum Editor

Jordan Dollar - Leadership Coach