What Matters – October 2022

Sharing Matters

Thank you for sharing your experience with BBT. God is on the move - we are getting calls from all over the world!

Lori recently spoke with a man from a remote area in Ghana, Africa where teenagers come to him with Bible questions. She also spoke to a ministry that offers resources and leadership training to schools, churches, and hospitals in Rwanda. They found BBT as a resource to further the spread of the gospel after their initial training.

You don't have to be an expert to start a Bible study.

Recently Jordan spoke to a woman in Uganda who heard about us from a BBT group leader. She wanted to start a group precisely because she is not an expert in the Bible. She grew up Muslim, is a recent convert, and wants to learn how to talk to others about the Bible. She is on fire for her faith and thought that leading a Bible study would give her a chance to practice talking about her faith and the Bible with others in a safe setting while she built the confidence to become a witness to others.

What elements of your faith do you need to work on?

Meaning Matters

According to the World Economic Forum, "companies must tailor their  workforce strategy to the unique needs of their workers if they are to succeed in today’s challenging environments." And today, busy, working people are seeking fulfillment in workplace environments where they are cared for as people. By investing in integrating faith and work through BBT we can slow the Great Resignation and help people find their purpose right where God has placed them.

“Compared to one year ago, 39 percent of people say they’re more likely to be their full, authentic selves at work and 31 percent are less likely to feel embarrassed or ashamed when their home life shows up at work. And people who interacted with their coworkers more closely than before not only experienced stronger work relationships, but also reported higher productivity and better overall wellbeing." -Microsoft's Work Trend Index

What better way to establish accountability in the workplace and build lasting relationships than studying God's word together? Get Started Today!

Inviting Matters

More employees and companies are having conversations about offerings for their employees. One offering is the freedom to practice spirituality. It allows people to bring their whole self to work and companies to meet employees where they are. Our resources are centered around applying faith to the workplace and developing people as leaders.

Who do you know who could start a BBT? We invite you to tell ONE person this month about BBT. Here are some ideas:

 • Invite someone to your BBT
 • Invite someone to follow us on social
 • Invite someone to have coffee - virtually OR in-person
 • Invite someone from your company's leadership to learn more

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