Bible Studies for World Wide Technology

Available BBT Bible Study Groups


Morning group, Virtual
Open to Anyone

Contact Person:
Nate Hoenig


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Wednesday A.M.

Morning group, Virtual
Open to WWT Employees

Contact Person:
Justin Field

Wednesday P.M.

Lunchtime group, Virtual
Open to Anyone

Contact Person: Matt Olejarczyk


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(2) Morning groups, Virtual
Open to Anyone

Contacts: Kim Davidson
and Brent George

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A web-based platform distributes the Bible study curriculum, meeting details, and private group communications.

Reduces administrative and scheduling time

Consistent format

Enhances fellowship, encouragement, and accountability

Coming soon...BBT Go!Connect Mobile App!

Manages group and meeting

Sends prayer requests, recap, and next meeting

Develops a community by messaging your group

BBT 1-2-3™ Curriculum

Group Leaders and Participants use the BBT curriculum (a.k.a., the “BBT 1-2-3™“). It’s unique format is designed for busy, working professionals in a 1-2-3 format: Agenda, Group Leader Guide (GLG) and Recap. The Agenda draws people into conversations about applying Biblical principles at work. The GLG helps leaders facilitate each meeting (with about 1 hour of prep per week). The Recap is a summary, designed to encourage community within the group. New volumes are adapted with permission from Christianity Today’s, pastor sermon series, and books.

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