Craving Community – July 2022

Together We Create

The Faith for Work podcast is back with an inspiring episode featuring Juliet Nakimuli Kasiita!

Juliet is an extraordinary entrepreneur with a vision of transforming Sub-Saharan communities in Africa by empowering others, especially women, to start and run scalable, sustainable enterprises. In this episode, Juliet shares successes and challenges of entrepreneurship, scripture that has anchored her in hard times, and organizations that are changing communities through

  • Entrepreneurship training
  • Faith-based principles
  • Access to capital

Growing up, Juliet's faith was regularly nourished by her grandmother's exhortations from the Proverbs, and scripture inspires her still. How about this for a mission statement:

To make disciples for Christ and alleviate poverty through the power of entrepreneurship.

That's a tall order but once you hear from Juliet, you will believe it's possible!

Listen and be inspired by Episode 14 of the Faith for Work Podcast.

Stay tuned for the bonus episode with more about Juliet's faith and entrepreneurship!

Together We Transform

Your contributions are making a real difference in people's lives! People such as:

John Knicely:

In a recent meeting someone shared how he realized he needs to stop trying to control everything. We spent half the meeting sharing personal stories of similar challenges and how we can better surrender to the Lord. The values learned during the study certainly apply to business, and it goes well beyond that to life, marriage, and how to truly love and serve people.

Chet Guess:

I see so much richness that comes from BBT - from my own personal growth in the preparation to the collection of conversations and vulnerabilities that allow us to be intentional about how we engage with each other and support each other with faith.

Juliet Nakimuli Kasiita:

You need people around you to teach you, to remind you about what God has placed into your hands. To remind you about the things that He has gifted you with and how you can use them as a blessing for others. That's what BBT has been for me and what I continue to do through BBT.

So far in 2022, there have been:

  • 81 BBT Group Leaders
  • 272 attendees
  • 4676 encounters with the Bible
  • 106 studies used from 27 volumes

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Together We Grow

Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey. But it doesn’t have to be.

Faith Driven Entrepreneur Live is reuniting the family of Faith Driven Entrepreneurs worldwide and you’re welcome to join one of two ways:

BBT and Undivided Wealth Management are co-hosting a local Watch Party to stream Faith Driven Entrepreneur Live:

 Click here to register now! Enter the coupon code "FDMSCHOL50" for 50% off!


Watch from wherever you are. Find a Watch Party near you or start your own! Click here to learn more and watch an introductory video.

This year’s live event is streaming from Nairobi, Kenya, and will feature a variety of speakers including

  • Ndidi Nuweli
  • David Green
  • Pat Lencioni
  • Tony George Rizk

Whether this conference serves as your first step as an entrepreneur or merely a rest stop, you are a part of a movement...and it’s growing.

You don't have to do it alone. This is a chance to experience the community we all crave.

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