Together As One - April 2023

Fighting Together

According to Cheri, "I was a piggy bank with a little bit of money. I made a whole bunch of noise, but no impact."

Until she changed that!

Cheri Garcia is a living example of how God redeems our pasts to help us love and serve others.

Through her own journey of drug and alcohol addiction, Cheri is able to meet people where they are. She is a nationally-recognized recovery advocate and expert in second-chance hiring.

For more than a decade, Cheri has fought to help formerly incarcerated people and those in recovery find meaningful full-time jobs. In 2016, she founded Cornbread Hustle, Inc., the first staffing agency focused on second-chance job opportunities.

Cheri was so inspiring, we wanted you to hear the whole interview so listen to the NEW bonus episode today!

In it she shares about one of the most miraculous ways that God worked in her life and business and how she has learned to give herself enough grace to even find joy again - through roller derby! 

Reaching Together

Together we are covering the world in Christ, one Bible study at a time.

C-Suite for Christ is a monthly gathering of business executives sharing the joys and struggles of including Christ in their daily lives and work environments. NOW - through our new partnership - BBT brings the Bible to these gatherings allowing God's Word to become more prominent during small-group discussions.

Together we seek to proactively create and grow faith-centric cultures in the workplace and already God is blessing this partnership!

Momentum just in the first week:

        • 3 new BBT groups forming

        • 14 reached out to connect

        • 4x avg interaction on social

Join us in praying that through this partnership, more people will be empowered to integrate faith and work through BBT's free resources made possible by your generous donations - thank you!

Standing Together

It's finally here! The first curriculum release of the year.

This volume - Stand Together - is an adaptation from a book called "The Genius of One."

There are 5 studies in the volume:

1. Unity

2. Diversity

3. Culture

4. Wartiness

5. Comfort

These studies are designed to take you past the debates and divisions that isolate us, into a united front - under God, for the sake of this world.

But wait! What's Wartiness? Study with your group to find out!

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