Patiently Persevere

February 27, 2019

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.
– Galatians 6:9

The only race I remember from running track in high school is the one I quit. Have you ever grown weary in trying to accomplish a goal or life vision and given up?

We all face the challenge of growing weary in following God’s vision for our work, roles, and relationships at different seasons. The grander vision God invites us to requires patience, intentionality, and perseverance. When I am at my best as a leader, a team member, a father or a husband, I am actively cooperating with God and intentionally investing in that area of my life. The Apostle Paul encourages fellow followers of Jesus to patiently persevere in the face of adversity, discouragement, and frustration.

As we experience situational set-backs, relational hurts, fear, burnout, etc., it’s easy to give up on the vision, shift our mindset to false beliefs, and lose our conviction. Paul gives the visual of a harvest, a field full of fruit because the farmer didn’t grow weary and give up. He uses this image to shift our focus upward and outward—upward toward God’s power and grace to patiently persevere in doing good and outward toward the desired future. Your planting is not in vain he reminds them—stay the course because the harvest is coming.

The future you will experience is worth the challenge of staying the course today.

What If BBT Never Happened?

I’ve had the privilege of knowing several BBT staff and watching the ministry’s journey over the years. Starting a ministry and getting traction is no small task. People misunderstand who you are, why you are doing it, and what you want to accomplish. Like any organization, unforeseen challenges and obstacles can get in the path. Some seasons feel like a strong wind at your back, and others feel like a hurricane coming straight at you.

What if the BBT team grew weary and gave up? Imagine if the dream for BBT died years ago because the leadership thought it wasn’t worth the cost? Imagine the impact that would have been missed in workplaces if they decided it wasn’t worth the effort to take the next step. When we are feeling weary, our gaze tends to turn inward, and we can take our eyes off God and others. When we recognize the weariness, refuel, and keep our eyes focused on Jesus and the future vision He has for us, we can patiently persevere and stay the course.

What does it mean for you to patiently persevere in doing good in your work?

Brian Bennett

As Director of Kingdom Capital’s Leadership Institute, Brian Bennett focuses on partnering with commercial and philanthropic leaders to cultivate values enhanced organizations. The Institute is focused on both the role of management in shaping a flourishing organizational culture and the role of culture in contributing to organizational health and performance. Brian is blessed with nearly 16 years of organizational development and leadership, including roles as an Executive Coach and Executive Pastor. He is a certified coach by the International Coaching Federation and has coached leaders across the private, social, and public sectors. Brian is passionate about helping leaders harness the strengths of their unique leadership profile while adapting to the needs of their team, organization, and environment. His graduate education includes focuses on theology, organizational leadership, and strategic management.