Peace from the Inside Out

May 25, 2018

If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.
– Romans 12:18

The Search

As we navigate through life, transitioning from one chapter to another requires a series of adjustments. Many people seek fulfillment through their relationships or in their careers. Our complex world is often filled with negativity and unproductive distractions. One of the greatest gifts of life is to be able to recognize what peace means to you and live in that truth.

The Joy of Discovery

Photography has been my passion for decades. In my youth, I began to chase the light with my camera because I could see how it transformed the world around us. Have you ever walked through the woods and watched the rays of the sun as they glow through the trees? When I see them, I know that it is God’s light that is guiding me to the truth, and I try to hold that inside of me.

The Peace Within

When we take responsibility for our spiritual lives, we can choose:

  • Joy over sadness
  • Serenity over suffering
  • Courage over fear

My workplace Bible study reinforces the power within that God has given us to find our peace and share it with others. It’s an opportunity to grow in our faith and radiate the light that starts inside.

Would you consider participating in a BBT Bible study, like me, to reinforce your peace?

Caren Libby

Caren Libby is a participant in the Team Medici Bible study group as well as the BBT website designer. She is a digital marketing and implementation specialist who works closely with entrepreneurs, small business owners and corporations to build a solid, dynamic digital foundation for growing their business. Her company, Image Media LLC, has been in business for ten years. She is also the Community Director for Medici MediaSpace, a coworking collaborative that offers a blend of professional services as part of its unique membership-based platform. As a photographer, she captures images of people and places that preserve their special memories and tell their personal and professional stories. She enjoys spending time with her daughter and her son and their families that include six grandchildren.