There's an App for Everything!

July 30, 2020

Jesus answered,“It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.
-Matthew 4:4

It was August 27th at 11 pm. My first child had been due a few days before but still had not arrived. Suddenly, my wife told me that she thought she was beginning to go into labor. The "go bag" was packed. Our families were on standby. We knew the best route to the birthing center. The car was dangerously low on gas (but that's a story for another day). Then I found myself doing something I hadn't planned: I pulled out our iPad and began searching the app store for contraction timers. After many instances of false labor over the last few weeks, I wanted some means of reassurance that it was finally time to go to the hospital.

Why Not an App for Your BBT Group?

We turn to apps for so many solutions these days: to ease boredom, meet food cravings, keep up with financial accounts, read the Bible, check our children's grades, reserve library books, schedule appointments, and pay our bills. Why not a mobile app to help me study scriptures, apply them to my life, and connect with others on a deeper level than the day-to-day?

Nowadays, it seems everyone is pressed for time, and many are afraid to lead because they don't view themselves as a Bible expert or leader. The old Go!Connect technology was sometimes clunky and insufficient for our fast-paced lives. Years of listening to your fears and struggles and working towards more supportive solutions have culminated in the new Go!Connect experience, which includes an app for your mobile phone.

It's Worth a Download

In case you missed it earlier- the Go!Connect mobile app is now live in the Apple and Google Play app stores!

Here are a few reasons we're excited about the app: every group is given a private virtual meeting room, accessible at any time, not just during scheduled meetings; anyone in the group can send an email from within the app to share updates, prayer requests, and changes to scheduled meetings. The new Go!Connect brings a far higher degree of usability and reliability to your group's experience! Now it's simple to create a group and invite people, whether you're using the app or a web browser on your computer, and everyone has access to the Group Leader Guide so anyone can facilitate the meeting. The curriculum format hasn't changed, but you will now find a place to take notes, so those messages most poignant to you aren't lost or forgotten. Plus, the BBT Go!Connect mobile app and the Go!Connect web app are fully integrated, allowing you to use the same username and password for both. Join a meeting from whichever is most convenient for you. As with all new apps, ours is in continued development. Please feel free to share user issues and feedback to

Apps can be used for everything- from tracking labor pains to encouraging spiritual growing pains. We hope that if groups can study together more easily and communicate more frequently, then your BBT group becomes more than a Bible study, ­it grows into a supportive community for accountability in all aspects of life!

So, Android and Apple users, have you downloaded the BBT app yet?

Jordan Dollar

Jordan Dollar joined BBT in 2017 responding to God’s calling. Jordan has been involved in many facets of ministry, but has always embraced a coaching philosophy of empowering individuals to discover God’s leading in their own lives. Jordan has served in several pastoral and chaplaincy roles in churches, hospitals, and hospice. A graduate of Concordia University of Chicago and George W Truett Theological Seminary, Jordan did his undergraduate studies in English literature and philosophy before earning a Master of Divinity with a concentration in theology. He is married to his best friend from college, Lisa, they have two young boys and are active in Dayspring Baptist Church in Town and Country, Missouri.