Change – May 2020

BBT's technology upgrade will provide more tools and reliable service

to help you grow in applying your faith at work.

Purposeful Technology

The BBT team has been planning a technology upgrade for the last year and a half. The work began in earnest early this year with Technology Partners, a provider of premier IT staffing, solutions and software.

As often happens, things have come together in God's timing. The pandemic is challenging the way people do everything and has sparked a search for new ways to maintain and build relationships and community. Technology has become a primary source of sustaining connections. During a time when BBT groups cannot meet in person, BBT will now be able to deliver connectivity within the new web and mobile app.

Despite the devastation of COVID-19, adaptation and innovation continue. The world is finding ways to prioritize and persevere.

  • Relationships are essential
  • Technology connects our world
  • The Bible guides our leadership

How will you lead differently in this "new normal"?

Purposed Principles

Years ago, David Steward realized that putting God first defined his purpose as well as his mission and gave him a different perspective. He didn’t want to be the kind of leader that compromised his integrity, compartmentalizing life and forgetting to implement during the week what he claimed to believe on Sunday. He understood that his relationship with God determined how he would live and lead.

These purposed principles and more are revealed in Leadership by the Good Book, the newly-released book co-authored by David Steward and Brandon Mann. BBT is offering two volumes of curriculum related to this book:

  • The Companion Study to Leadership by the Good Book was created to align closely with text from the book for those who would like to focus on the leadership principles.
  • Leadership by the Good Book: a study of the scriptures takes a deeper dive into the scripture passages from which the leadership principles are derived.

Which volume of curriculum would help you continue your leadership development on the Leadership Flywheel?

Go!Connect 2.0

BBT is pleased to announce Go!Connect 2.0! The new Go!Connect is completely rebuilt from the ground up for enhanced reliability, independence, shared leadership, and a higher level of communication and coordination.

BBT hopes you will be blessed by the many new features, which include:

  • Built-in videoconferencing
  • Scriptures that open with the click of a button
  • Quick and reliable communications from within the app
  • Easily switch between "participant" and "leader" modes
  • Prayer requests entered by individuals for weekly Recap
  • Easily make, schedule, and view donations
  • Coming soon: Android and Apple mobile apps

Check out the tutorials to see how it works, and register for your Go!Connect 2.0 account now!

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