June 2019 - Ready for the Future

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Building with the End in Mind

Author: Scott Glover, President, Health & Medical Group, Kingdom Capital

How is building a business like a mustard seed? Scott Glover reflects on working in large multinational companies and startups and how his experience has helped him understand the ways in which the kingdom is like a mustard seed. Why does the mustard seed mean you should begin with the end in mind?


A Good Start

As BBT looks toward the future and ways to live the mission and vision of Faith for Work and Leadership for Life, we are blessed to have been given a solid foundation on which to build.

When God called BBT's founder to start a Bible study at his work, Brandon could not have known where the organization would be ten years later.  The foundations of the organization: the mission, vision, and methodology (people, process, technology) have made it possible for leaders to have a positive legacy of Kingdom leadership through empowering other leaders.

During the last ten years, leaders like Connie with Benson Financial Group, Rob with Family Community Church, and Dominic with Boeing have used BBT tools to encourage leaders to begin integrating their faith and work.  Their legacy is seen in new groups formed by new leaders which have impacted thousands of everyday Christians.

This solid foundation on which BBT leaders are building is more fully explained in the Leadership Flywheel™.

Are you empowering others by giving away leadership?

Living Today

The pastor who preaches a sermon then hears feedback like "I really learned a lot" often knows that he or she has missed the mark.

There is nothing wrong with learning, but as James 2:14-26 reminds us, as Christians we are called to live out what we believe.  A pastor hopes that through preaching the Word the congregation will go out to live out their faith in a real-world way.

During this time of preparing for the future, a lot of change has come to BBT's curriculum.  The BBT 1-2-3™ format remains, but there have been changes aimed at increasing life application.

Many times leaders are worried about not having the right answers.  BBT leaders don't have to have all the answers, rather they help people look into their lives and ask "now that I have read the Word, what does God want me to DO?"

Did you know, the curriculum now includes a "Lead" question on the recap?  This is intended for reflection after the lesson and integrating faith with all areas of life.

How are you living what you learn from Scripture?


A Connected Future

As BBT moves toward the future, it does so with an increased emphasis on partnership.  BBT has always worked by partnering with and providing tools for group leaders called by God to their workplaces.

Now, BBT is increasingly working with networks of partnerships.  One example of this would be BBT's Communications Director, Lori Drury.  Lori is collaborating with a group of peers to form a chapter of Young Catholic Professionals (YCP).  At the same time that she is bringing friends together, she is also working to make connections with her church to provide a solid grounding for the organization, and to her denomination's regional leadership to secure support for the new venture.

The final piece of this puzzle is BBT.  As Lori makes many connections in order to launch this new venture, she wants BBT to be part of the plan to empower YCP members to reach beyond the walls of the church to touch their workplaces. Those empowered will develop leadership skills to not only live out their values at work but lead in their parishes.

How are you investing in the next generation?


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