Authentic Leadership

3/29/2021 -

Would you be willing to lead a Bible study in the workplace? It was an easy and natural "yes" for Greg Schuster because it was obvious that God brought him and Brandon Mann together and there was a bigger plan ahead.

Greg continues BBT's founding story as he recalls the first Bible study in a corporate board room in 2008. Through serving and living out the Gospel and helping other people, a community of diverse leaders brought authenticity and accountability to Bible study discussion. The outcome of the group and study established deeper relationships with God and people applied to everyday life and work. Those relationships yielded valuable lessons for Greg's career through listening to perspectives, absorbing other's experiences, and sharing vulnerability.

Greg Schuster serves as President of Global Integrated Portfolio Management for Cushman & Wakefield and is a board member of BBT.  In this interview, Greg shares how boldness and courage led to a community of leaders bringing their authentic selves to work.

About the Guest

Greg Schuster serves as President of Global Integrated Portfolio Management for Cushman & Wakefield. In this role, Greg leads account management and service delivery platform for the firm’s transaction management, portfolio administration, and portfolio strategy clients and client teams. Greg focuses on optimizing, renewing and expanding key client relationships to drive client value, satisfaction and profitability. He is also responsible for attracting, developing and retaining top talent to ensure Cushman & Wakefield continues to fully support our clients with the strongest account teams. Greg has been with Cushman & Wakefield for 20 years and has held multiple leadership, business development and client account management roles. 

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