Meant to Stand Out: Living Boldly

6/9/2021 -

In this episode, we learn from Stephanie Wagner, a Supply Program Manager at Boeing, how BBT bible study groups have impacted her work ethic and helped embolden her faith, starting with a simple pizza party. When you know there are fellow Christians in your workplace praying for you and checking in with you, it can be a huge encouragement. Often we're trying to just be part of the team and the gossip, when really we're not meant to fit in. We're meant to stand out - to live biblically at work and make choices that honor God.

Born and raised in the St. Louis area, Stephanie has grown up around the aircraft industry all her life. Her father worked for McDonnell Douglas/Boeing for 34 years, and his love for the company drove her to pursue a career at Boeing as well. Stephanie has earned Bachelor of Science degrees in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, MBA, and recently MS in Data Analytics. Almost 16 years into her career at Boeing, her current role is Supplier Program Manager for T-7A Training Systems. Stephanie has been a BBT member since 2016, and has been planting BBT groups in various sites for the last four years. She has a heart for growth of Bible study groups in the workplace, increasing Kingdom-focused living in this secular environment. Stephanie lives in St. Peters, MO, with her husband and two children.

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