BONUS Episode with Juliet | Called to Create

8/2/2022 -

Join us as we continue our conversation with Juliet Nakimuli Kasiita. In it she shares more about her faith journey, the struggles she's endured on the entrepreneur front, and how her faith sustains her. Juliet talks more about her vision for integrating faith and work and what she desires her legacy to be. What about yours? Are you a staircase builder or climbing a ladder?

First episode with Juliet: Called to Create

About Guest

Juliet Nakimuli Kasiita is the Country Manager for Sinapis Group Uganda, a global Christian organization blending intensive entrepreneurship training with faith-based principles and access to capital. She is a graduate of Makerere University Kampala, Uganda and has over 18 years’ experience in ICT service delivery, business operations and entrepreneurship development in the banking, microfinance and telecom industries. She is also the founder of The Winpreneurs Africa, a collaborative community platform helping women start and run scalable, sustainable enterprises. She is a certified financial literacy trainer, business coach and mentor for business development projects with individuals, companies, schools, government, and NGOs. Juliet is married to Henry and they have a daughter, Arianna. She loves reading, supporting her church ministry, traveling, networking, and charitable causes. OH YEAH – she also enjoys a good laugh over a cup of tea!

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