A Worthy Risk

12/18/2023 -

Meet Susan Harris, BBT’s newest board member! As a risk management executive at Edward Jones, Susan sees only upsides in bringing her faith to the workplace. In this podcast episode, Susan shares how her professional journey reflects her passion for integrating (not balancing) faith and work. Living her faith at work involves ethical decision making, leading with integrity, and modeling compassion for others as Christ did. These passions explain how a serendipitous encounter with Lori Drury, BBT’s Executive Director, led Susan to an easy and enthusiastic “yes” to help champion BBT's mission. In her own words, joining forces with BBT is simply a “win-win” for God’s Kingdom.

About Susan

In today's world, leading with integrity while navigating uncertainty is table stakes for success. BBT board member Susan Harris is passionate about helping others navigate ambiguity with faith, truth and compassion. Serving over 15 years as a risk and compliance professional and as a community volunteer has taught her that the power of love can ultimately change mindsets and help leaders serve with more empathy, courage, and curiosity. Susan loves transformative people and environments and believes that learning and having faith in spiritual laws increases our connectedness to all people, fuels self-discovery and builds stronger communities.  

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