Our Poverty

2/26/2024 -

In this illuminating episode, Regional Advocate Ashley Aucker, shares HELP ONE NOW's unwavering mission to tackle severe poverty in the world's poorest countries. Echoing the proverbial wisdom of "teaching a man to fish", their mission is anchored in empowering families and communities through education and entrepreneurship. Listen in as Ashley shares how engaging with the daily spiritual disciplines allows her to remain "connected to the vine" and in communion with God amidst her demanding fundraising and business development responsibilities.


About Ashley

Ashley Aucker is a devoted non-profit professional working to stand in the gap for people surviving in extreme poverty around the world. After getting her Master's degree in Strategic Communication and Leadership, Ashley became a passionate storyteller for the Kingdom. Through her work with Help One Now, she is blessed to meet a lot of wonderful people and has gained an understanding of poverty in a variety of settings. Ashley is also a wife to Nathan and a mom to three fantastic kids. 

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