Hope in Hard Times

10/8/2021 -

Transitions are hard and job loss can be one of the most challenging kinds of transitions. On average, 21.7 million people lose their jobs in the US every year. Despite the commonplace occurrence, it's rare to hear people talk openly about the emotional and mental challenges. In this podcast, Dale Kreienkamp talks with Jordan about how he navigated the difficulties of two job losses and then wrote a book to help others through the shame and insecurity he had experienced. Dale shares some tips for someone wanting to support a friend or loved one through the experience, and how the message of his book applies to many kinds of transitions. Have you ever experienced a hard transition? Would you like to learn about supporting a friend? Listen now to Episode 9 and to learn how you can thrive through transitions, and consider using our volume of curriculum, In the Waiting, based on Dale's book!

About Guest

Dale Kreienkamp is the President & CEO of Thriving Through Transitions, a consultancy focused on helping individuals and organizations successfully navigate difficult personal and professional transitions and become better through the process. His professional background includes over 40 years as a Human Resources Executive and Consultant, coaching and guiding leaders. He is the author of How Long, O Lord, How Long? Devotions for the Unemployed and Those Who Love Them, written after he personally experienced a journey of unemployment. He shares his message of hope and reinvention through transformational talks, inspirational devotions and life-changing programs.

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