Prioritizing Faith

7/23/2021 -

In a busy, bustling world it can be challenging to make faith our #1 priority, but Mike McDaniel, Director of Partner Alliances at Cisco Systems, is dedicated to working towards that goal. In Episode 6 of the Faith for Work podcast, Mike shares his story about risking discomfort and staying humble through the help of his BBT bible study group. Mike participated in a Bible study for four years before hearing God's call to take the Gospel to work. Listen to learn more about the community in which Mike studies, serves and finds support for his faith for work.

About Guest
Mike McDaniel is a Director of Partner Alliances at Cisco Systems, leading a team that develops and executes strategies to accelerate Cisco's growth with World Wide Technologies. He has been in technology sales and partner management for over 25 years. Mike has a true passion for learning, leading and serving with a focus on his faith. He started attending a BBT group ten years ago with a group of dads at Westminster Christian Academy, and has been leading a Cisco-based BBT group for the past four years. In his free time, Mike enjoys riding his bike, golfing, working in his yard and spending time with his family.

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