Gifts That Grow and Bless - February 2020

God's gifts are grown in us as we abide in Him and become a blessing to those around us.

Gifts for Sharing

Last month Robert was sick for ten days. In the second week, the BBT staff sent him a gift: a Star Wars Y-Wing LEGO set, with a short note explaining they knew how much he hated being idle.

His five-year-old son, John, really loves LEGOs. John looked at the gift and asked in a very serious voice, “Daddy, who is this gift for? Is it for Daddy? Or is it for Daddy and John?” Robert explained that the gift was for both of them to build, and that once it was completed, it was a gift for John.

  • Receiving the gift
  • Building the gift
  • Gifting the gift

God gives us the gift of His Spirit, and it multiplies as we build each other up, practice how to apply Biblical principles, and share it with others.

Will you share the gift of BBT with someone?

Gifts for Growing

In the beginning, BBT's relationship with Christianity Today allowed for respected and applicable source material for conversion to the BBT 1-2-3 lesson format. Recently God provided new relationships for source material through book authors.

Dr. Allen Hunt and Dale Kreienkamp have generously allowed BBT to adapt their work – a gift for you to learn how to apply Biblical principles at work. Also, on May 12, BBT's Founder and Board Vice-Chair are releasing a new book, "Leadership by the Good Book," and BBT has the privilege of adapting it as well.

The newest volume of curriculum, Nine Words, was adapted from Dr. Allen Hunt's book and reveals the fruit of God’s Holy Spirit which helps us live by faith and be changed by His power.

  • In the Waiting
  • Nine Words
  • Coming soon: Leadership by the Good Book

Have you tried any of the new BBT Curriculum Volumes?

Gifts for Blessing Others

God generously gave us an advocate, His Holy Spirit, to guide and direct us. In John 14:26 we are called to receive Him and learn from His teaching.

When we hear and obey God's advocate, we unwrap a gift, the fruit of His Spirit, listed in Galatians 5:22 as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. This list can seem daunting as we realize it's not humanly possible to maintain these in every moment of our lives. Yet, the Spirit of God can and does bring forth fruit in us even in and through our failures.

  • Abide in God
  • Grow the fruit of the Spirit
  • Bless others with the bounty

Which fruit of the Spirit do you see most in your life? Which needs more space to grow?

Explore the fruit of the Spirit in-depth with our new volume, Nine Words!

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