Seek and Ye Shall Find – January 2022

Finding Growth

Our focus has been on group growth and fundraising. Thanks be to God and to all of you amazing BBT ambassadors, there has been an increase in

  • awareness and interest
  • people starting BBT groups all over the world
  • generosity

From California to Uganda, we support more people than ever who strive to apply their faith at work!

Increasing awareness of our 501(c)(3) status also doubled the number of monthly donors! We are thankful to all who pay it forward for other groups to get started. In fact, 38% of our contributors were first-time donors in 2021 who felt blessed by the resources we offer.

Another exciting new trend is happening through a long-time supporting business partner, World Wide Technology, Inc. WWT Bible study leaders organized to ensure there was a Bible study available every day of the week for those who wanted to plug into a small group. Thank you to the WWT leadership for supporting this culture-changing concept and to all the leaders who stepped up to make this happen!

These are just a few examples for which we are thankful to be part of growing God's Kingdom in the workplace. Prayerfully consider how you will find a way to help us further increase the impact!

Finding Your Next Study

Even if your work isn't overtly spiritual, you can still learn ways to live out principles from the Bible. Try one of these studies with your small group this year.

Soul Work - 4 studies in Romans

If you desire to know yourself or express to others what it means to follow Christ, try this one!

Christ + Nothing - 6 studies in Galatians

When we bring our assumptions, pride, rules, and other lenses, we mask the abundance of God's grace.

Finding Joy - 4 studies in Philippians

How do you dress faith in everyday work clothes?

Against the Tide - 9 studies in Colossians

What does the supremacy of Christ have to do with your life at work?

Faith That Works - 6 studies in James

Understand how temptation leads to sin and learn practical strategies for resisting.

The Godly Life - 3 studies in Titus

Discover strategies to successfully live a spiritually integrated life.

Click here to see samples of these studies and more!

Finding Your Calling

This month's podcast episode opens Season 2 of the Faith for Work podcast! BBT's first guest is Dr. Bryan Dik, a vocational psychologist whose work focuses on meaning and purpose in the workplace, calling and vocation in career development, and the intersection of faith and work.

In this episode, Bryan invites us to take an intentional look at our interests, values, personality and abilities to help us develop a spiritually integrated life. When we view our work through a Biblical lens as a partnership with Christ, our lives might be more

  • Integrated
  • Fulfilling
  • Meaningful

Living a calling is an ongoing process, so this message is for people at any stage of career and life. Read Bryan's book, Redeeming Work, for more inspiration and guidance on integrating faith and work.

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For a deeper dive into the theme of calling, also consider studying Nehemiah: Learning Leadership with your BBT Bible Study group!

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