Connecting Faith-filled Leaders – April 2021

Leadership can be lonely, but BBT helps connect leaders in community.

Encouraging Leaders

BBT is offering a new way for group leaders to connect and support each other. In an online forum, you could meet people like Nathan Hoenig of World Wide Technology (WWT):

"When I started with BBT, I was still fairly new to WWT, so didn’t know who I would invite to a group, but had the attitude of ‘put me in coach, I’m ready to play!’ and let God figure out those details. We now have a core group of seven or eight people, spread all over the country. These are people I didn’t work with day to day, that God connected and has blessed us along the way. We meet by video conference before work every week. Each of us has talked about how the group and our meeting is a cornerstone of not only our work week and getting started on the right foot, but is a source of encouragement in our lives as a whole.”

Connect with BBT group leaders like Nathan through our BBT Leader Forums on LinkedIn and Facebook!

Equipping Leaders

Since its inception, BBT has been passionate about equipping and empowering people to apply Biblical principles at work, and we're not the only ones. Christians around the world are focusing on bringing faith into the workplace!

On May 14, 2021, RightNow Media will hold a Work as Worship Retreat, a livestream event, to encourage people to carry their faith into every day of the week.

BBT Board members David L. Steward and Brandon K. Mann will be speaking, along with other leaders such as:

  • Stephanie Chung
  • Jon Acuff
  • Henry Cloud
  • Many more!

Register here for this livestream event and learn about connecting faith and work with thousands of Christian business professionals and church leaders across the country.

Empowering Leaders

Priscilla Hill-Ardoin is a thirty-two-year pioneer in the telecommunications business and a passionate member of many boards, including BBT.

Priscilla's God-inspired boldness empowered her to speak up and to change how her business looked at diversity and inclusion.

In Episode 3 of the Faith for Work podcast, Priscilla talks about:

  • the value of unique strengths,
  • how diversity enriches the environment around us, and
  • relying on God through life's blessings and challenges.

Listen to Episode 3 of the Faith for Work podcast and be inspired by the faith and courage of Priscilla Hill-Ardoin!

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